Wine and Dine your Stache

Just in case you needed another reason to grow a mustache…or support a man who’s growing a mustache, feast your eyes on this. Loews Coronado Bay Resort has donated a one night stay and dinner for two at their world famous resort as part of our raffle this year.

Now your mustache can do more then just strain some soup…it can strain some soup at a really nice restaurant.


Steve Fisher Loves the Mo!

Reigning Naismith Coach of the Year award winner Steve Fisher in down with the Facial Hair Formal…



Here We Go

Nothing brings people together quicker or with more steadfast resolve then a common enemy. Nothing that is except for a sweet theme party with plenty of booze. Now imagine combining the two…I give to you the Facial Hair Formal: Part Deux!



Fancy Pics are Here!

In our ever continuing quest to gather all the amazing pictures from the 1st Annual Facial Hair Formal, I am pleased to announce that our professional pictures are now available for you all to see. That's a fancy way for us to say, "Check 'em out because they are hilarious!" You can see them on our fan page at http://www.facebook.com/john.weisbarth?cropsuccess#!/pages/The-San-Diego-Facial-Hair-Formal/158024164235441

A huge thank you to Shana Siler for making it out to our event and taking these pictures. They turned out great!

If you still have some favorites that you want to share with the group, upload them to our fan page and leave a comment. If not, stop being so selfish and upload them anyway.



Thank You

Dear Mo-Bros and Mo-Sistas,

Thanks to your support and generosity I am happy to say that we raised more then $1,000 at the 1st Annual Facial Hair Formal…and all of it goes to charity! For those of you who were able to make it out on Saturday, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It truly means more then you know to me to have your support.

For those that were unable to attend but still want to donate to the cause, you can do that by visiting my "Mo Space" page at http://us.movember.com/mospace/569132/. Anything you can give would of course be greatly appreciated.

I do have one more favor to ask of you all…keep spreading the word. This was the 1st Annual event, meaning we plan on doing this every year for the foreseeable future. It was a great start on Saturday but I want to grow it for next year and the year after that. You can start by 'liking" our Facial Hair Formal facebook page and uploading your favorite pic from Saturday. Here's the address:


Thanks again for making the event so much fun!

-John Weisbarth


‘Stache of the Day, 11/27: Ron Burgundy

‘Tis FacialHair Formal Day, and the final, most appropriate ‘Stache is saved for last.
Ron. Burgundy. Was. The. Balls.
His mustache had a confidence that was independent of Ron, and could seep through your television set every night. It had theme music, trident-throwing sidekicks, a bilingual dog and dabbled in yazz flute.  It smelled like pure gasoline. And it knows the way to Pleasure Town by heart.

There may be larger mustaches in size, girth, curls, athleticism, prowess, weight, density, popularity, questionable morals, and/or mystery, but this anchorman’s ‘stache has unequivocally become the unofficial facial hair of San Diego.  But it represented something so much larger than that…as an audience, we lived vicariously through the fixture on Burgundy’s upper lip.  When Wes Mantooth and the Channel 9 News time insult Ron, they insult us.  And When Ron lays the ratings smackdown on them and St. Dorothy Mantooth, so do we.  If you tuned into Channel 4’s evening news, Ron’s mustache made him look like the President of the United States.

If you tune into Channel 4 now, John Weisbarth’s mustache makes him look like a living Amber Alert.

Stay Classy, Ron.


‘Stache of the Day, 11/23: Yosemite Sam

By sheer virtue of proportions, Yosemite Sam’s mustache drops the facial hair gauntlet to his opponents.  Take off his floppy, tortilla-like hat (which, along with the neckerchief, makes him look he’s one Mint Julep short of Opening Day at Del Mar) and I’m pretty sure his mustache is approximately 85% his height. From his shoulders to the floor, and at its base it’s also the width of his arms.  I think this qualifies Sam’s mustache as his primary weapon, and his six-shooters just merely an afterthought. In fact, without the guns, Sam may be scarier. With the pistols, I look at him and think “well, maybe this four-fingered man is willing to negotiate” and “why the hell does he keep calling everything ‘varmint’?” 

The moral of the story: never doubt the facial hair growing prowess of a man whose eyebrows start at one side of his nose, wrap over the brow, and end at the otherside. Especially if he’s wearing chaps.


Stache of the Day, 11/22: Charlie Chaplin

Over 50 years on the big screen, appearing in nearly 90 films, Charlie Chaplin revolutionized filmmaking and became an iconic mustache in the realm of poignant physical comedy.  Of course, despite all of his accomplishments and contributions to entertainment, we can never fully pay homage to Chaplin by rocking his silent-filmstar ‘stache. Because Adolf Hitler pretty much ruined that for good. jerk.

Sorry Charlie, ‘Stache of the Day will just have to do.


‘Stache on a Stick: The Guru

Hey Ladies (and some of you gentlemen), are you still scratching head over what to wear to the Facial Hair Formal? If you’re sporting one of these I don’t think it matters. Personally I like “The Guru”…but “The Monarch” is strong as well.

You can check all out here. We’re only 8 days away from the inaugural Facial Hair Formal, make sure you’re prepared.


Classic ‘Stache: Producer Jason circa 1985

There was a time when growing out your mustache was the thing to do, not because it helped promote cancer awareness, but because it was stylish. I'm not sure the same can be said for white jeans.

Either way, check out Channel 4 Producer Jason Bott rocking the soup strainer for his Senior picture. Classic.