I’ll Have the Sam-tini Please

If you know Sam the Cooking Guy then you know there are certain “truths” about our culinary comrade. First, he’s Canadian…so when he says, “Out and about” it sounds funny. Second, he knows his way around a cocktail.

As it turns out this second “truth” is the only one that should matter to you because Mr. Cooking Guy is going to be swilling drinks at the 3rd Annual Facial Hair Formal on Movember 28th.

Even better, if you order the Sam-tini (or whatever crazy specialty cocktail he comes up with), a portion of the money you spend on that drink will go to the fight against prostate cancer. It’s a win, win, win. You get to meet Sam, get drunk and fight cancer. It may not be as satisfying as walking 60 miles in 3 days, but it’s just as effective.

See you in 8 days!

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