‘Stache of the Day, 11/27: Ron Burgundy

‘Tis FacialHair Formal Day, and the final, most appropriate ‘Stache is saved for last.
Ron. Burgundy. Was. The. Balls.
His mustache had a confidence that was independent of Ron, and could seep through your television set every night. It had theme music, trident-throwing sidekicks, a bilingual dog and dabbled in yazz flute.  It smelled like pure gasoline. And it knows the way to Pleasure Town by heart.

There may be larger mustaches in size, girth, curls, athleticism, prowess, weight, density, popularity, questionable morals, and/or mystery, but this anchorman’s ‘stache has unequivocally become the unofficial facial hair of San Diego.  But it represented something so much larger than that…as an audience, we lived vicariously through the fixture on Burgundy’s upper lip.  When Wes Mantooth and the Channel 9 News time insult Ron, they insult us.  And When Ron lays the ratings smackdown on them and St. Dorothy Mantooth, so do we.  If you tuned into Channel 4’s evening news, Ron’s mustache made him look like the President of the United States.

If you tune into Channel 4 now, John Weisbarth’s mustache makes him look like a living Amber Alert.

Stay Classy, Ron.

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